Tour the Shop Equipment We Have

Our Metal shop has lots of equipment that help students to experience many different ways to use metal in the production of sweet projects.

Tour Possible Projects

Not sure what you would make in class? Look at this tour of possible projects that you could make. Though you’re not limited to these ideas, it should definitely get your creativity flowing!

Course Offerings

Metals I - Shape your own tech deck skateboard, snowboard, or surfboard out of aluminum and then buff it until you see your reflection. Watch your teacher pour 1300-degree molten aluminum into a casting mold of a picture frame or belt buckle that you prepared in the foundry. Give blacksmithing a try and pound red-hot iron into a hook, fire place tool or a marshmallow roaster that you can use at the end of the semester to make s’mores over the forge! Make medieval chain mail armor, build a toolbox, a CD/DVD holder or a dust pan out of sheet metal. Then, spray paint flames or flowers on your project. New this year is jewelry design where you can make rings, bracelets and an assortment of other projects. The sky’s the limit with your creative abilities in the Metal shop!

Metals II - Are you ready for that “Monster Garage” experience? Turn on the acetylene valve and light the welding torch because you’re in for some fiery fun! Learn how to weld metals using a torch, arc or a MIG welder; and cut through steel using a plasma cutter. Work independently with the teacher to design and create your own project. Whether you want to make hot dog roasters, a coat rack, intricate jewelry, medieval helmets or candle holders, your design becomes your creation! Prerequisite: Students should have received a “C” or higher in Metals I to take this course.